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Embark on my journey with a twist—not as a mere branding expert, but as a passionate creator and dreamer. From my undergraduate days to earning a Ph.D. in Marketing and Management, my trajectory has been steered by the captivating art of storytelling through brands.

Nurtured alongside the brightest minds in national and international marketing, I steered the marketing ship for iconic brands like RTP, Continente, and Sporting Clube de Portugal. Crafting communication strategies for industry giants such as Vodafone, Diageo, and Jerónimo Martins in leading Portuguese agencies enriched my expertise. Currently, I wear the hats of a researcher and invited lecturer at the Universidade Católica, IADE, and Europeia.

In 2019, I unfurled the canvas of—a platform not just to disseminate knowledge but to infuse my passion into the realm of branding. It's a space where dreamers metamorphose into doers, and where brilliant ideas breathe life through brands that authentically echo their essence.

Have a project in mind? Let's not just create a brand; let's sculpt an identity that harmonizes with the beating hearts of your audience!

Joao Lemos Diogo

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Let's Start the Conversation!

Ready to bring your project, idea, or business to life with a standout brand, but feeling a bit lost on where to start?

If that envisioned brand has been lingering in your mind without taking shape, fret not—I'm here to turn those ideas into a reality.

Share your contact details, and let's ignite the conversation that sparks your brand journey!

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Unlock this Practical Guide Crafted Just for You!

"I loved the Book. I see brands in a different way and it helped me with my company"

Susana Marques, Coimbra

 eBook - 124 Pages - 3rd EDITION

Becoming a Brand Master
in 5 Steps

Becoming a Brand Master in 5 Steps
Becoming a Brand Master in 5 Steps
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