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Wed, Jun 14


Online Master Class - Via Zoom

Branding and Positioning

Learn the art of positioning a brand in the hearts and minds of consumers using a proven 5-step model. If you want to see your brand highlighted and recognized, this course is for you. Sign up now to learn the secrets of managing Successful Brands.

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Branding and Positioning
Branding and Positioning

Time & Location

Jun 14, 2023, 6:00 PM GMT+1 – Jun 15, 2023, 9:00 PM GMT+1

Online Master Class - Via Zoom

About the event

Course Description:

Explore the exciting world of Brand Management in this advanced 2-day training, divided into 2 3-hour home sessions. In this crash course, we'll dive together into a proven 5-step model designed to transform ordinary brands into unforgettable icons. From uncovering the secrets of successful brands to the practical application of strategic positioning, students will learn how to position a brand not only in the minds, but also in the hearts of consumers. Guided by me, participants will explore each step, from defining brand essence to creating an unbeatable value proposition. 

Prepare yourself for an educational and inspiring journey, where your knowledge about branding and brand management will be taken to a new level.

Special Offers Included:

  • My eBook offer: "Brand Creation and Management in 5 Steps" - A comprehensive guide to creating, launching and maintaining a successful brand, full of practical tips and real examples to guide your path.
  • Editable Templates to create your Brand Plan: You will receive complete and editable templates in PowerPoint or Google Slides to create your Brand Plan in a professional and effective way, saving time and effort.

Modules and Course Structure:

Day 1

Module 1: Discover the Secrets of Successful Brands (30 minutes)

  • From identity to essence: unraveling the meaning behind the logo
  • Emotional value: how emotions drive purchasing decisions
  • Intangibility and the power of brand experience

Module 2: Brand DNA: Define the Essence of your Business (45 minutes)

  • Vision, mission and values: foundations of brand identity
  • Create an appealing purpose: Define your reason for existing in the World
  • Your brand's Golden Circle: communicating the essence of what you do effectively

Module 3: Segmentation: Identifying the Right Audience (30 minutes)

  • The strategic impact of segmentation
  • Segmentation models: demographic, behavioral and psychographic
  • How psychographic segmentation can deepen your understanding of your target audience

Day 2

Module 4: Differentiation: The Unbeatable Value Proposition (45 minutes)

  • From basic product to potential: Transforming features into distinctive benefits
  • the 5 Steps to creating a winning brand value proposition
  • Case studies of successfully differentiated brands

Module 5: Positioning: Winning the Heart and Mind of your consumers (30 minutes)

  • The importance of positioning in the consumer’s mind
  • Practical application of the Positioning Matrix 
  • Strategies to reinforce brand positioning over time

The Results Students Will Obtain:

At the end of these 2 days of advanced training, you will be left with a deep understanding of the secrets of successful brands and will be equipped with a proven 5-step model to effectively position any brand in the market. You will learn how to define the essence of your brand, identify the right audience, create an invincible value proposition and win the minds and hearts of consumers. Participants will leave this course not only with theoretical knowledge, but with practical skills and tangible strategies to transform their brands into powerful engines of connection and loyalty.

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